Maybe you want something more secure than Google Docs/Drive.
If so, Airborn OS might be a good alternative for you.

What is Airborn OS?

  • It's an operating system in the cloud.
    It comes with the app "Firetext" to edit text documents.
  • It's accessible from any platform.
    Like Google Docs, you only need access to a browser to edit your documents. Unlike Dropbox, you don't need to download and upload your documents to edit them.
  • Your files and apps are all encrypted in the browser.
    This makes Airborn OS much more secure than Google Docs.

How does Airborn OS realize more security?

The encryption of Airborn OS uses a private key. Every user has their own private encryption. The encryption is used both for the documents and the code of Airborn OS to open and edit your documents. So nobody can read your documents, or change the code to open and edit your documents.[1]

What can't you do with Airborn OS yet?

Google Docs is a complex product with many features. Airborn OS and Firetext are still in development and don't have all of them. Here are some things you can't do with them yet:

  • Work together on documents.
    Firetext, for now, is an individual app. You can't edit one document with two people at the same time unless you're sitting next to each other.

    Airborn OS has collaboration now.
  • Spreadsheets and presentations.
    With Firetext, for now, you can only upload, create and edit text documents.
    Airborn OS has a presentation editor now. Spreadsheets are on the roadmap.

In short, Airborn OS with Firetext might be a good alternative to Google Docs if you want more security and don't need all the functionality of Google Docs.


[1] For more information on how this is made secure see